When you choose Mohr Good Ideas
You are choosing Confidence.

About us

When you choose Mohr Good Ideas you are choosing Confidence. Mohr Good Ideas knows the Value of the right Promotional Products. Your Advertising dollars go farther when you choose Mohr Good Ideas because we are not casual about spending your promotional dollars.

We know that Price, Quality, Service, Deadlines and Integrity matter to you.



From Cheap and Cheerful give-aways to quality High End Gift ware we source the world to bring exactly what the budget and situation demands.



At Mohr Good Ideas we work closely with our Suppliers to ensure we meet the specific standards our Customers require. We are proud of the Products we supply.



In 20 years of operation we have built our business because of well satisfied customers. Good service is second nature at Mohr Good Ideas.



Rush orders are never a problem for Mohr Good Ideas. If you have the courage to ask for the impossible. We have the experience to make it happen without breaking the budget.

Our Team

Vickie Wyner

Owner and Keeper of the Vision

Sixteen years at Woodwards in Training, Development and Advertising has laid the foundation for Mohr Good Ideas. Owning and operating the company for 25 years, has developed Vickie from an order taker into a knowledgeable consultant. She instills confidence in our clients and enables them to achieve the maximum advantage of their promotional budget. Uncovering the client’s needs through effective communication has ensured our steady growth. Her philosophy is, we won’t sell something the client doesn’t need.

Kathy Jorgensen

Administrative Assistant

In our Business, having an Excellent Administrative Assistant is just as critical to our success as creating great artwork for our Clients. Kathy Jorgensen is the glue that holds us all together. It’s Kathy’s attention to the minutae of our Clients orders that make shopping at MOHR a very pleasureable experience. With her eye for detail Kathy keeps us out of the ‘Big House’. Her dedication to Mohr Good Ideas and her exemplary Customer Service make her a great asset. Finding the right product can be a challenge, but if you’ve seen it Kathy can source it for you.

Rene Boecking

Graphic Designer

Our Graphic Designer and has worked with Mohr Good Ideas for 12 years. One of his specialties is logo design. His designs result in many repeat orders. He is 100% committed to making your brand stand out in today’s consumer market. He has never faced a problem he couldn’t resolve or direct us to someone who could resolve.

Steve Kim

SEO guru

Steve joined us four years ago when we realized we needed more help in Social Networking. He works hard to ensure we are continually noticed by the Web Crawler – whoever he is? In addition to being optimized for mobile devices, Steve is currently updating our website. Steve has opened doors for us and made us confident again in the world of IT. Thank you Steve!

Barb Naylor


Our Bookkeeper and it’s her attention to detail that means every transaction runs smoothly. We always know exactly where we stand with the Bank...a very good thing!

Ilette Swanevelder

Office Manager

Ilette is the newest addition to our team at Mohr Good Ideas. She has more than 25 years' experience in private business. Ilette has an acute acumen for the delicate balance between customer satisfaction and business success. Her keen eye for detail, exceptional organizing skills and a real interest in customers, makes her the perfect person to help Mohr Good Ideas continue to grow in this competitive market.